Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) Order of Oriental Templars


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Peace, Tolerance, Truth:
Salutations to All Points of the Triangle;
Respect to the Order.
To all whom it may concern: Greetings and Health! 

Gethsemane Camp

Gethsemane Camp is a duly - chartered fraternal local body of Ordo Templi Orientis. Its activities entail the teaching of Magick in Theory and Practice according to the Curriculum which Aleister Crowley outlined in his writings.  Read More


 The letters O.T.O. represent the words Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the Orient, or Oriental Templars), but they have also a secret meaning for initiates. The Order does not proselytize, nor does it seek actively new members. However, those who aspire with sincerity and modestly will be welcome in the O.T.O. Read More


 Let us begin at the beginning. What is a Dramatic Ritual? It is a celebration of the Adventures of the God whom it is intended to invoke. (The Bacchae of Euripides is a perfect example of this.) Now, in the O.T.O., the object of the ceremonies being the Initiation of the Candidate, it is he whose Path in Eternity is displayed in dramatic form. Read More


There have always been, at least in nucleus, three main Schools of Philosophical practice [...] Read More


 Magick investigates the laws of Nature with the idea of making use of them. It only differs from “profane” science by always keeping ahead of it. As Fraser has shown, Magick is science in the tentative stage; but it may be, and often is, more than this. It is science which, for one reason or another, cannot be declared to the profane. Read More


Here you can find all about our upcoming Camp events that we organize. Read More


Stele of Revealing, hieroglyphs of the 11 lines upon the reverse

Saith of Mentu the truth-telling brother

Who was master of Thebes from his birth:

O heart of me, heart of my mother!

O heart which I had upon earth!

Stand not thou up against a witness!

Oppose me not, judge, in my quest!

Accuse me not now of unfitness

Before the Great God, the dread Lord of the West!

For I fastened the one to the other

With a spell for their mystical girth,

The earth and the wonderful West,

When I flourished, o earth, on thy breast!

The dead man Ankh-f- n-Khonsu

Saith with his voice of truth and calm:

O thou that hast a single arm!

O thou that glitterest in the moon!

I weave thee in the spinning charm;

I lure thee with billowy tune.

The dead man Ankh-f- n-Khonsu

Hath parted from the darkling crowds,

Hath joined the dwellers of the light,

Opening Duant, the star-abodes,

Their keys receiving.

The dead man Ankh-f- n-Khonsu

Hath made his passage into night,

His pleasure on the earth to do

Among the living.

Love is the law, love under will.

 Gethsemane is a duly chartered local Body of the O.T.O. in the Valley of Dendermonde, Belgium.